We talked about language and math skills in young children, the purpose of this is to bring these two topics together.

Read the paper by Dehaene et al. (2008, Science) and summarize the paper. You may also want to read the supplemental materials for additional information even though it is not required to summarize the paper. Make sure to include the answers to the following questions in your summary:

What is the purpose of the research studies reported in this paper? (2 points)
Who were the participants? (1 point) What did the authors test? (4 points)
What did the authors find? (6 points)
What do the authors conclude from their findings? (2 points)

Following your summary, critically discuss what these findings mean for the link between language and mathematical thinking. To what extent are these two cognitive domains independent from each other? And to what extent does one rely on the other? (5 points)
Also, do you think that this study can conclusively answer these questions? (5 points for identifying an important limitation)
Come up with at least one follow-up experiment to provide further evidence. This can either be a study with other participants or with a similar group of participants but another task. (5 points)