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Your Way to Census Data for Your Neighborhood

  1.  Go to census.gov
    2.    Drop down the Data menu  > Scroll over Data Tools and Apps> Select American Fact Finder.
    3.    From the blue menu bar, select Advanced Search.
    4.    On the left side of your screen, click on Geographies from the Search Options.
    5.    The Select Geographies  window will pop-up.
    6.    Click on the Address tab.
    7.    Type your own address and click GO.
    8.    From the Geography Results, look under Geography Name for the census tract to which your address belongs. It should be on the 5th line.
    9.    Click on the tract. It is a hyperlink.
    10.     The tract geography will load and appear on the Your Selections box on the left of your screen.
    11.     From the Address  tab, move to the Map tab. The map will show the tract area to which you address belongs. You can zoom in to see the streets that form the area.
    12.      Close the Select Geographies window
    13.     In the middle of the screen you will see that the system generated a list of tables available for the selected tract. Click on the checkbox for the tables.
    14.     Click on View located right above the list of tables.
    15.     The tables will load and you will be able to see one table at a time. Use the Results 1 of 4 located on the top right to navigate from one table to the other.
    16.     Review the tables and select 10 characteristics from these four tables that reveal an interesting profile about the area where you live.


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