water quality control

Water quality is and continues to be a highly debated issue both within the United States and abroad.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), water quality is the condition of water, including chemical, physical and biological characteristics.  The aforementioned definition is related to the suitability for drinking or swimming. Poor water quality can lead to major health risks.  Communities such as Flint, Michigan and Jackson, Mississippi, have received national attention in regard to water quality (not in good ways). If you were selected as a highly paid consultant to fix either one of their problems–how would fix/address the issue?  Select either community and discuss.  Utilize online sources to assist you in answering the question.  Make sure to include the following: name of the community selected, any statistics from news sources, recommendations, a fictional account of what makes you qualified (i.e. scientist on staff) and a map of the area (Google Maps, Mapquest, etc.).