Voice Network Communication

Voice Network Communication
Your Research/ Project Paper Assignment should be a comprehensive paper that includes practical and theoretical knowledge about the approved topic. Your final paper should be between 10 to 15 pages long. Be sure the report is in MS Word, Times New Roman font, with double spacing and 1 inch margins all-around, no additional spaces allowed. Cover page and references pages are also required. Your paper must adhere to APA standards.
Your final deliverable for this project should provide detailed discussion on the topic that you selected and was approved in Week 2. Your paper should include both foundational knowledge of the topic as well as applicable uses in the work place today.
You may use web resources as references, however make sure to include all your resources and cite from them with author, year of publication, and the corresponding page or paragraph numbers.
I included, my proposal, outline and bibliography you can use the resources as you please and you can add or remove them.

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