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Violent and Sexually Themed Video GamesMusic Industry

Over the last 20 years there has been major changes in the industry. Long gone are the days when record labels paid for big Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey contracts and helped to develop an artist. These days an artist should already be developed and should also have a huge social media following. In regards to political commentary, I believe it is not what a person says but who says it. Artist who I listen to such as Beyoncé’, Drake, Em, Gambino (aka Danny Glover) and Jay-Z all make political statements in their songs and they stay at the top of the charts and stay making money. I think this is because of the large influence each of these artist have on society. It’s not many artist who can drop a whole album without any promotion and said album blows up! Now let a group like Pretty Ricky (yep, I’m being petty…lol) try to talk about anything political and see what happens.

#8Violent and Sexually Themed

This is a topic i am very cultured on, i have been playing violent video games for as long as i can remember. And this can be answered with a simple, No. If i were to watch violent movies or listen to violent music does that make me want to go commit tho things? No. It is a form of entertainment and in someways a release, had a terrible day at work? Well hop on Grand Theft Auto and run over everyone in a monster truck. Spouse annoying you? Hop onto Mortal Kombat and tear someones spine out. Playing a game is exactly that, playing a game. Anyone who cannot separate a fictional world from the real one has deep seated mental issues or deficiencies that are causing them to act violently. When it comes to children, monitor what they play and ensure they grasp the concept of fictional lands vs real ones.

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