Very Short Paper #3 – Research Week

For this Very Short Paper, you will summarize what you accomplished during your research day. Did you interview a primary source? Did you read and take notes on a secondary source? Did you outline? Did you mentally prepare? I want to know about it!

My goal is to prove how terrible the cafeteria food is. For my research I will be going around the dining hall area during cafeteria hours and will be asking students to describe the food here and whether they like it or not. If Im correct my research will result in a lot of students describing their hatred for the food and thus prove that the food here at SNU is no Bueno.

Some questions I came up with to ask people around school:
Who are you and where are you from?
How are you involved with SNU?
Do you live in the dorms?
How much do you pay for the food in the cafeteria?
How would you describe the food in the cafeteria?
Whats so good/bad about it.
Are you ever satisfied at the end of a meal in the cafeteria?