vertical market power and competition in online platforms

The Best Writers Recent regulatory initiatives in many countries have sought to address the vertical market power of online platforms such as Amazon Marketplace. What competition issues do you foresee and how might they be measured and addressed? (You should consider vertical market power and the bundling of services that merchants get from the platform provider).The essay should address the general (competition and market power) aspects of such platforms. Make sure that you answer all aspects of the question that was asked, doing so analytically rather than journalistically and making use of materials from the course.Please ensure that you are using a proper method of referencing the work of others. If in doubt about how to do this, see the Undergraduate Handbook.It is your task to find the relevant material for your essay not the lecturers or class tutors! The essays are deliberately designed to make you think not to regurgitate material! The reading list, literature searches and your own thought processes are required and the essays are structured to allow this. Focus on the economics.