The Best WritersTo give you some perspective on writing pro/con assignments, we will write about the pro and con of using a product.Initial PostYou should select a fun product that is interesting to you. You can write one paragraph about the “pro” of using the product and one paragraph about the “con” of the product. You can pick your own product, but here are some suggestions:· Non-water-proof mascara· An SUV· Organic food· Scented candles· Black flavored licorice Top of FormBottom of Form·Finding EvidenceHow do you find evidence for the papers you are writing? You need to create topics to prove your thesis statement. You prove those topics by finding reliable evidence, which will come from Library resources as opposed to a Google search. Your research can then help provide a strong foundation for your ideas and arguments. You will want to keep track of that evidence through a references page.Kepka, J. (2015). Oregon writes open writing text. Oregon Writes.·   and  Review this video to see how to navigate the library databases to find information for your work. ·Evaluating SourcesWhen evaluating sources, consider who wrote them, where they were published, when they were published, and how they have been reviewed for accuracy. As you work through evaluating sources for the coming assignments, you can summarize the main points and use them in your writing. This interactive resource will show you how to summarize the main points.Kepka, J. (2015). Oregon writes open writing text. Oregon Writes.·   and  Complete the activity below to practice creating a references page in APA format.·