The Best WritersUnit 3 DB: Why be Concerned About Plagiarism?The resources in this unit and so far in the course have focused on how to cite information. When you use a source in your writing, you have to make sure to cite it or you may run the risk of plagiarizing it. But, what is the big deal of plagiarizing? This discussion board examines plagiarism.Initial PostLet’s consider a scenario: You have been working for a fairly well-established investment firm for the last four months. You and a coworker were both assigned to write a report on the same startup business to determine if you should invest in it. Your coworker asked to see your report to verify some data. The next day, you and your coworker hand in the same report.In your initial post, consider these questions:· How would you feel in this situation?· How would you deal with this type of plagiarism situation in the workplace?· What actions should your boss take? Top of FormBottom of Form·Developing a Thesis StatementIn terms of structuring your essay, the thesis statement typically goes at the end of the introduction. In your introduction, you set up what you are writing about by explaining the key points you will use to support your thesis.Kepka, J. (2015). Oregon writes open writing text. Oregon Writes.·  Jeffrey, R. (2016). About writing: A guide. Oregon Writes.·   Complete this activity to to learn how writing a thesis statement is not just for academic work. It can also help you write more effective emails to your instructor or to your boss.·   ·Avoiding PlagiarismNow that we are focusing on using evidence in your work, it is important to understand the significance of avoiding plagiarism. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas and using them as your own without giving credit. Self-plagiarism is also a form of plagiarism. You can actually plagiarize yourself if you resubmit work you used in a previous class. If you ever want to reuse work, then you need to make significant changes to the previously submitted material and check with your current instructor about what you need to revise.Kepka, J. (2015). Oregon writes open writing text. Oregon Writes.·  Jeffrey, R. (2016). About writing: A guide. Oregon Writes.·   Complete this activity to learn more about how to identify—and avoid—plagiarism and self-plagiarism.·   Citing evidence is very important for avoiding plagiarism and self-plagiarism. We reviewed using direct quotes in the last unit. Now, we will take a look at this interactive document to see how to paraphrase information.·