The Best WritersMust follow APA format, include a minimum of 1,200 words(not including cover/reference pages), and 3 scholarly resources, one of which may be the course textbookTextbook(s)Bateman, T. S., & Konopaske, R. (2021). Management: Leading & collaborating in acompetitive world (14th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.For your assignment write a narrative addressing the four questions or statements listed below. Your essay must follow APA format, include a minimum of 1,200 words, and 3 scholarly resources.1. Chapter 7 identified some of the changes in the external environment that can provide business opportunities (technological discoveries, lifestyle, and taste changes, and so on). Identify some important recent changes in current trends in the external environment and the business opportunities they might offer.2. Brainstorm a list of the specific ways to integrate interdependent work units. Discuss the activities required and the pros and cons of each approach.3. Discuss evidence you have seen of the imperatives for change, flexibility, and responsiveness faced by today’s organizations.4. What skills will you need to work effectively in (a) a learning organization, and (b) a high-involvement organization? Would you enjoy working in these environments? Why or why not?