The Best WritersUnit 1: LectureInside Alibaba: How New Retail Is Changing EverythingThis topic explores economic growth and development in Asia. Asian economies are investing in digital technologies to stimulate business more efficiently, inspire innovative actions to support policy agendas, and facilitate the achievement for businesses, consumers, and government. Digitally engaged economies can be leveraged to support the economic growth and development trajectories of emerging economies. In this topic, you will learn that investment in digital infrastructure contributes to productivity in the same way as other forms of infrastructure, and by boosting productivity and opening up new channels of commerce, economic growth can be enhanced beyond what would otherwise be the case. Conduct your own research to learn more about the economic growth and development of Asia. References1. Deloitte Insights. (n.d.).  Retrieved fromIntroductionThe  revealed that Asian economies continue to register impressive growth rates. Major emerging markets such as China, India, and Indonesia are developing into innovation centers and catching up with advanced economies. Further advancement in increasing the readiness of their people and firms to adopt new technology is necessary to widely spread innovation’s potential economic and societal benefits. This discovery research provides exposure and practice to key measures that impact economic performance.Directions1. Conduct a literature review and then share your discoveries in the discussion. Let the discussion scope guide your discovery research. You are required to have at least three resources. 2. Initial post1. Justify why Asian countries are investing heavily in digital technologies to grow their economies.2. Demonstrate why these Asian countries are very attractive to foreign investors. Use at least 4 key measures to make their case. Be sure to cite your references to justify your selection, while assessing the key measures for each country. Key measures include· public institutions· clear property rights· strong judicial independence· infrastructure· education/innovation· efficient government.3. Now that you have researched the key measures, take on the role of a consultant. The Asia economy managers have asked you which of the key measures can be improved.3. Identify two key measures that can be improved.3. Provide at least one persuasive recommendation for each key measure.