The Best WritersUnit 1: Economic growth and development in Asia: What is the role of digital?IntroductionThis unit, you will be acquainted with the evolution of digital technologies in relation to economic growth and development. We will assess the economic growth and development in Asia to see the the vital role that digital technologies play. You will then understand how to apply them to the task of managing a successful enterprise or government organization in the twenty-first century. You will also learn that digitally engaged economies can be leveraged to support the economic growth and development trajectories of emerging economies.Gaining valuable knowledge in this area will help you to better recognize that investing in digital infrastructure contributes to productivity in the same way as other forms of infrastructure. By boosting productivity and opening up new channels of commerce, economic growth can be enhanced beyond what would otherwise be the case. Readings and Materials1. Articles1. Deloitte Insights. (2017, May 16).  Retrieved from 2. Podcast (optional)1.