Unit One considers the importance of worldview, not the mere definition of it, b

Unit One considers the importance of worldview, not the mere definition of it, but its real-world implications. Christian Theism is then offered as the most exemplary explanation of reality, against which all other possible worldviews are to be ranged, judged, and scrutinized.
Your Complete assignment is your opportunity to react meaningfully and decisively with the idea of worldview, and the place of Christian Theism within it.
You will write an exploratory essay, at least 1000 words, utilizing at least three scholarly sources. Both the READ and ATTEND sections of Unit One should be engaged in your essay.
APA guidelines are to be followed as you format your paper, including citing your sources and providing references.
• The Sixth Edition of The Universe Next Door added an eighth question to the seven appearing in the first five editions: “What personal, life-orienting core commitments are consistent with this worldview?” (the one you adhere to, or are considering)
Define “personal” and give an example from your daily life of a situation where your definition of “personal” made a difference in your life.
• What is the relationship among these three concepts?:
*Diversity *Multiculturalism *Pluralism
How do these respective meanings overlap, and how are they to be distinguished?
• What answer does the Christian faith pose to “The Theatre of the Absurd”? (p. 14)
In your view, are there any points of contact between Christianity and the absurd? If so, what?
• Read the selection from the Westminster Confession as given on p. 17.
What is the main theological assertion this Confession makes? What is the chief ethical mandate conveyed in this Confession?