Watch “What is literature for?” before completing this entry. Be sure  your answers reflect the issues raised in the video about empathy and  other cultures. 
“The Lottery” involves some very powerful messages about society and  how the rules of society are formed, how they are kept, and how they  change (or not). 
Using specific examples of words, actions and behaviors from the  work, explain how you see the Lottery reflecting modern society? How  does it relate to today? This is not an answer about today’s political  climate, although that may be related. Your discussion will be about the  work itself. 
Begin by  answering the question: What is the commentary this work is making about  human nature and society. Your answer will be one sentence; it will  contain a reference to “The Lottery” (hint: mention it by name); and  will give a quick summary of what you think the work is saying about  people. This is the thesis. (Relate to the “What is Literature For?”  Video. 
Your paragraphs  will then explain this statement. This is done by expanding your  position in detail and then by pointing to at least FOUR specific  examples (words, actions, behaviors) from the work that you discuss in  detail. Use them to show your reader how you see the work as making this  point. This is literary criticism: Analysis of literature using words,  actions, and behaviors from the work to prove a point. 
Answers that  receive full credit demonstrate a solid reading and understanding of the  discussion of literature and of the basic elements of literary  criticism. (hint: they should reflect the videos AND the reading).
What is literature for:
The importance of literature: