Tourism and Covid-19 Pandemic – Hire Academic Expert




October 30, 2021

Topic: Tourism and Covid-19 Pandemic

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world’s economic growth and development in almost all the sectors. Amongst all the sectors tourism was hit-hard by the pandemic. Due to the fear of the spread of the Covid-19 virus the rate of the International tourism has been decline by almost 80 percent this year. This sector is bustling enough to ensure the sustainability and resilience for future growth and development by ensuring the safety and security of their customers. The tourism sector is however is in much need of support from the government.

Research Question: How the Tourism sector is reinforcing their policy responses and recovery from Covid-19 pandemic?

Research Analysis Method: The research will be carried out by using secondary sources of research which includes journal article, different news journals, reviewed academic articles, literature review, scholarly books and articles, Swot analysis etc. However the Research analysis will be carried out by referring the research analysis and literature reviews and analysis of data collected along with the statistical reports. Recommendations are provided for the rebuilding the policies and terms and conditions for the future in the tourism sector.

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