Toddler Furniture – Hire Academic Expert

Company name: Koala

Product category – Toddler Furniture



My Parts:- check who are the core competitors of koala both online and offline.

Select a product category that koala should focus on. (Toddler Furniture).

Analysis of product category and market



Major competitors


Identification and analysis of product category:

Different innovation trends in the category

Product and tech trends influencing the category

Category growth expectation

Customer trends

Note: Assignment 1 you should not come up with a product idea – this is about scoping the opportunity, idea is for the next assignment.



Key areas

Brief analysis of industry partner

Macro and micro environmental trends impacting the project in context

Identification and analysis of a product category opportunity for the industry partner to focus their innovation efforts on

Ethics and sustainability

Target customer segment selection, analysis,insights and attractiveness

Product Innovation Persona

(from the Key areas part I only have to focus on the highlighted part)