TO ESSAYPRO WRITER: Please answer the questions highlighted in yellow below. Thi

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowTO ESSAYPRO WRITER: Please answer thequestions highlighted in yellow below. This document is also attached to Word so that you can see the highlighted text.___________________________________________________________Objective: Select a product and develop a persona by researching yourtarget market.Now that you have reviewed the requirements for yourproject, you’re ready to begin working on the first milestone. The goal of theModule Two Milestone is to develop a persona for the target market of a newproduct from Chocolate Bliss. You will create the persona by completing theparts of the milestone listed below.§ Part 1: Selecta new product for Chocolate Bliss to launch and then research thecharacteristics of its target market.§ Part 2: Begindeveloping a persona for the target market by summarizing its demographiccharacteristics.§ Part 3: Completethe development of a persona by summarizing its psychographic characteristicsand choosing a name. Then download your completed worksheet.§The product you select and thepersona you develop for this milestone will form the basis of your remainingmarketing plan components for the project.Select a ProductUse the writing templatein this section to choose the new product Chocolate Bliss will launch.As you read in the scenario foryour course project, Chocolate Bliss is launching a new product, and you havebeen selected to be on the team that will develop a marketing plan for it. Inthe writing template below, you will choose from the following products:§ gourmettruffles with fruit, herb, and flower extract infusions§ semisweetchocolate baking chips§ “healthy”carob (chocolate substitute) barsKeep in mind that you will notbe able to change your product selection once you submit this milestone to yourinstructor.Use the drop-down menu below to choose theproduct you will use as the basis for all milestones and the final courseproject.WRITING TEMPLATE (TOESSAYPRO WRITER, I selected product already)This is the product I select to be the basisfor my project:“healthy” caron (chocolate substitute) barsResearch the Target MarketUse the research resources in this section to findinformation about the target market for the new Chocolate Bliss product.To develop a persona, you first need to identify the target market anddescribe its characteristics. As you’ve learned, a target market is the selectgroup of people you choose to sell to. But figuring out exactly who thesecustomers are involves a lot of detective work. That’s why research isnecessary.§ TargetMarket: Find out who the typical users of your chosen product are.You can do this by identifying the target market of a similar product and thenmaking any necessary adjustments for your particular product.§ DemographicCharacteristics: Demographic characteristics refer to personal traits, suchas the ages, income levels, ethnicities, and family sizes of your targetmarket.§ PsychographicCharacteristics: Psychographic characteristics are related to theattitudes, values, lifestyles, and opinions of your target market.All of this information is essential for crafting the persona of yourtarget market in the final two parts of this milestone. This is why you willuse the writing templates that appear later on this page to take notes whileyou conduct your research.Research ResourcesConducting market research requires you to know where to look for theinformation you need. While you should use the Shapiro Library to conduct themajority of your research, you may also use other reliable internet sources.The following two resources can help you get started identifying the targetmarket for your product and its demographic and psychographic characteristics.Esri’s Tapestry SegmentationEsri’s Tapestry Segmentation is an online tool that provides descriptionsof different segments of American consumers. You can use this resource togather demographic and psychographic characteristics of groups such as GenXurban dwellers or Hometown single householders. Choose a Segment ID and Name toview a PDF with information on a particular market segment within a LifeMode.Looking at the demographic sections, review the age, race/ethnicity, and incomeand employment areas.Mintel AcademicShapiro Library’s subscription to Mintel Academic offers market research reports covering U.S.and international marketplaces. These reports combine data and analysis of thecompetitive landscape, as well as market share and consumer profiles. WithinMintel, go to the demographics section and choose one variable, such as age(e.g., Gen Z or Seniors) or interest (e.g., Babies & Children), and reviewthe reports listed to select one that may be relevant. You can also narrow yoursearch by including additional categories, like food or health and nutrition,if you would like. Review any of the reports that include your chosenvariable(s) and look for the consumer sections that may discuss drivers andpsychographic characteristics. The Databooks in the Mintel reports can providedetailed numbers on consumers.To Essay pro – RESPONSE BOARD 1-2 SENTENCESWhat resources look to be the most helpful forfinding information about the target market for the new Chocolate Blissproduct?Whichever sources you use to conduct your research, make sure tocomplete the templates in the next section to take notes about the targetcustomers for your product. You will use these notes to develop your targetmarket persona on the following pages of the webtext.Take Notes About Your Target MarketUse the writing templates in this section to take notesabout the target market for the new Chocolate Bliss product.Once you’ve located information about your target market, you will needto take detailed notes—and that’s what the writing templates in thissection are for. In the spirit of academic research and marketing professionalism,it is also important to cite the sources you use for your research. Thesereferences will be included with the worksheet you download in Part 3 of thismilestone.Define the Target MarketAs you use the writing template below to define the target market forthe new Chocolate Bliss product, keep in mind that target markets are usuallydefined by a brief description. Examples of target markets include “executivesneeding month-long accommodations,” “Millennials who enjoy cafe culture,” or“middle-aged women with adult children.Based on your research, identify the targetmarket for the new Chocolate Bliss product.TO ESSAYPRO – WRITINGTEMPLATE 1 – 2 SENTENCESDefine the target market for your chosenproduct with a broad description, such as “middle-aged women with school-agedchildren” or “30-something athletes.”Identify DemographicCharacteristicsAs you conduct your research, use the following template to take noteson your target market’s demographic characteristics. You may use completesentences or bulleted lists for your research notes. This research will be usedto develop the demographic characteristics of the specific persona you createon the next page.Based on your research, describe the demographiccharacteristics of the target market for the new Chocolate Bliss product.To ESSAY PRO – WRITINGTEMPLATE 1-3 SENTENCESList the following demographic characteristicsfor the target market: age, gender, occupation, level of education, incomelevel, marital status, and number and age range of children.Identify PsychographicCharacteristicsAlong with your target market’s demographic characteristics, you’ll alsobe collecting information about their attitudes, values, and preferences.Consider these qualities as you use the following template to take notes onyour target market’s psychographic characteristics. This research will be usedto help you develop your persona’s psychographic characteristics on the nextpage. You may use complete sentences or bulleted lists for your research notes.Based on your research, describe thepsychographic characteristics of the target market for the new Chocolate Blissproduct.TO ESSAYPRO WRITER – WRITINGTEMPLATE 3-4 sentencesList the following psychographiccharacteristics for the target market: hobbies and interests, wants, currentproduct-related buying behavior, goals, product-related preferences, shoppingpreferences, and lifestyle.Create Your Reference PageAs you conduct your research throughout the course, you will build areference page citing the sources you use. When conducting your target marketresearch, you may have found useful information from Esri’s TapestrySegmentation tool, Mintel Academic’s market research reports, or ShapiroLibrary’s resources. You can add the sources you used to complete thismilestone in the template below to create your reference page.Be sure to use the APA Style Guide to format your references. A hanging indentwill automatically be applied to your reference list when you download yourwork as a Word document later in this chapter.Use this template to record the sources you usedto conduct your research on the target market for the new Chocolate Blissproduct.TO ESSAYPRO WRITER – WRITINGTEMPLATEList your research sources using APA Style. Ahanging indent will automatically be applied to your reference list when youdownload your work as a Word document.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated