TO: CIRRUS Division Team Members FROM: CIRRUS Division Assistant Director SUBJ

TO: CIRRUS Division Team Members
Division Assistant Director
Critical Infrastructure Overview Briefing Book
Develop and
submit a “briefing book” that provides a critical infrastructure (CI) overview
for one of CISA’s Assistant Directors speaking at – and some new employees
within this Assistant Director’s division attending – a virtual conference at
the end of next month that will focus, in part, on critical infrastructure
topics. BACKGROUND At the latest
CISA staff meeting, the Director went around the room asking if there were any
last items of business before adjournment. The Executive Assistant Director for
CISA’s Infrastructure Security Division (ISD) requested some assistance from
the CIRRUS Division for some critical infrastructure background information in
support of an upcoming virtual conference.
Executive Assistant Director will be the keynote speaker at an upcoming online
conference scheduled for the end of next month. With a primary background
within the private sector, mostly associated with the energy industry, the
Executive Assistant Director feels that a comprehensive overview of the
critical infrastructure field would benefit not only the Executive Assistant
Director’s opening keynote speech but also with any personal discussions,
chats, etc. with other conference participants. In addition, the ISD Executive
Assistant Director is including some employees new to the ISD organization to
participate in order to gain a better overall perspective of “critical
infrastructure” and believes the CISA Division briefing book would provide
beneficial background information to the new ISD team members both prior to the
conference and after when performing normal duties in the office. As a result,
the CISA Director has tasked the CIRRUS Division to provide the ISD Executive
Assistant Director with a “briefing book” insert that will assist the Executive
Assistant Director and ISD staff in becoming more familiar with the background
and latest developments associated with the field of critical infrastructure.
Part 1:
You are required to complete the following two FEMA Emergency Management
Institute (EMI) courses for background information associated with this
· IS-860.C:
The National Infrastructure Protection Plan: An Introduction (latest version
7/21/2015). · IS-913.A:
Critical Instructure Security and Resilience: Achieving Results Through
Partnership and Collaboration (latest version 11/01/2013). Once you’ve
successfully passed each FEMA EMI course’s final examination, you will receive
an email back from FEMA EMI with your completion certificate. Then, post each
of your completed FEMA EMI course certificates into your Assignment folder to
receive full credit. Part 2:
As part of your briefing book insert, recommend that your contents include, but
not necessarily be limited to, the following:
· What
is critical infrastructure (CI) and why is it important
· Describe
the different CI sectors
· Identify
the major stakeholders/players
· Differentiate
the roles/responsibilities between federal, state, local, and other applicable
entities — and how do these correlate to the NIPP 2013 National Partnership
Structure, Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council (CIPAC),
Government and Sector Coordinating Councils (GCC and SCC, respectively), and
other applicable documents and/or partnering organizations
· Identify
some of the major CI governing documents, Presidential directives, etc.
· Discuss
how “complexity” and “interdependency” are considered part of CI
· Describe
the concepts of CI “security” and “resilience”
· Discuss
the concept of risk management” — what are its basic elements/framework, how
is it integrated within the CI community, etc.
· What
are some of the more prevalent challenges, threats, and limitations now facing
the CI community? · Anything
else you think the Executive Assistant Director should be aware of to prepare
for the upcoming virtual conference
Ensure the
material is critical thinking perspectives yet maintains a realistic picture
that’s grounded in a fact-based, non-emotional, logical, and questioning
submit a single Word document in accordance with the following guidance.
· Length
= minimum expectation of 5 full pages of text
· The
following do not “count” towards your Word document receiving 100% credit for
the Length criteria: title page, table of contents (not required), abstract
(not required), executive summary (not required), illustrations (tables,
figures, graphs, pictures, etc. …all not required), appendices (not required),
or reference list
· References
= minimum expectation of at least 8 high-quality “Scholarly references only
· Paragraph
= 2.0 (double-spaced) … no right-margin justification
· Font
= 11- or 12-point
· Margins
= 1-inch