Title Page – include paper title, your name, course prefix and title, and semest

Title Page – include paper title, your name, course prefix and title, and semester
● Statement of the problem or introduction of the topic that will be covered
● Review of relevant literature
● Use evidence from peer-reviewed journals in relevant fields to summarize what is known about your topic
• Current “state of affairs” regarding your topic
● Contextualize the issue you are covering within the larger scheme of society
● How does this issue affect other parts of society (i.e. economy, social/cultural consequences, education systems, political systems, technological systems, the criminal justice system overall).
● You may use non-academic sources for this section – empirical research above tells us one thing, but what is the larger dialogue in society about this topic and how does that compare to the research literature?
• Implications and Conclusions
● This is the chance to “bring it all together”
● What does it all mean? Why do we care?
• References list (correctly following APA formatting)
Nuts and Bolts:
● Papers should be 3000 – 3500 words in length (not including title and reference pages).
● Your answers should be written as a narrative, do not formulate responses by making use of dashes and incomplete sentences. Remember that well-written, complete, and thoughtful answers are always better than those that are poorly-written and incomplete.
● Pay attention to grammar and syntax – proofread carefully! Grammar and spelling errors will result in a deduction to your grade.
● Your paper must use a minimum of TEN (10) sources, FIVE (5) of which must be scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. See your instructor for more information on this or you can always consult a librarian if you are unsure about a specific journal.