This assignment is designed to develop critical thinking and writing skills by a

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowThisassignment is designed to develop critical thinking and writing skills byasking the student to craft an argument based on specific evidence.The specifics of theassignment are as follows:Writea 600-650-word essay (about two pages double spaced) addressing the followingquestion: By 1877, did democracy in theUnited States look different than it did in the aftermath of the AmericanRevolution? You might consider here how or if democracychanged from the Market Revolution through Reconstruction (chapters 9-15). Don’ttry to get everything in here (this is a short essay). Rather, answer yes or no,then focus on one or two topics to help you make your argument. What evidencedo you have (see below) and from there what does it tell you?To answer this question, you can use anyinformation from class (textbook and additional readings) from chapters 9-15.You might want to consider the document excerpts included in the Foner, GiveMe Liberty textbook under the headings “Who is an American” and “Voices ofFreedom” simply because they are meant to directly relate to such a question,and they are all primary source material (don’t try to use them all in such ashort essay). You may also use the two additional readings (also primary sourcematerial) by Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. No sources outside ofclass material are to be used.Theessay should have a thesis statement (your response to the main question), a shortintroduction and conclusion, and quality paragraphs with topic sentences andtransitions. You may only use two short quotes in the essay(follow the quotation sandwich example). You must give specific examplesfrom your evidence to support your argument and provide citations for thatinformation. No title page isnecessary, simply put your name at the top of page one.Evidencemust be incorporated thoroughly into your essay to support your argument.Throughout the course you have been reading and discussing the concepts offreedom, liberty, and democracy. That information can provide good context foryour essay. Please keep in mind, that simply pulling a quote from a primaryor secondary source is not sufficient evidence to support an argument in anessay. The best way to use evidence is to talk about it thoroughly—Forexample: What specific evidence supports your argument? How does the evidencerelate to the question and your answer to the question? How does it “make yourpoint”? Is the relationship between the evidence and the argument explicit foryour reader (write for someone who is not your history professor)?For citations, youmay use parenthetical citation. An example of how to cite is provided below.The essay should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated