Think of this assignment as a test of your knowledge in research design. To comp

Think of this assignment as a test of your knowledge in research design. To complete this assignment, you must first identify two prominent, peer-reviewed research articles on the same or similar research question/dependent variable.
Write a comparative analysis of these two research pieces, an analysis that focuses on how well the studies were designed and executed. This means the substance and content of your paper should be comparative in nature. That is, you should constantly be describing the first piece of research in terms of how well it performs on different research design markers relative to the second piece of research. You should not analyze one piece in the first half of the paper and then analyze the second piece in the second half of the paper.
The focus of the comparative analysis should be on assessing the “fit” between research design choices the researcher(s) made with the research question objective(s).
You are required to identify and then write a comparative analysis & critique of two prominent, peer-reviewed research articles, each focusing on the same general research question/dependent variable.
Begin by concisely introducing the research question/dependent variable under examination in both pieces. The bulk of the paper should focus on examining major research design choices and explaining whether or not you believe the scholar(s) make the correct research design decision(s)… and why. Spend time and space explaining the “why”.