The Sun Also Rises Research Paper

A reaserach paper on Ernest Himingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises 

ENG 241: American Lit. I TERM PAPER Guidelines, Fall 2020PROCESS:1) Choose a novel and begin reading it. Complete reading the novel by late October. 2) Begin researching novel/author. Ask the PVCC librarians for help, if necessary.3) Decide what you will write about through note-taking, research, brainstorming, and writing a thesis statement on a particular aspect of a theme found in the novel:  Your thesis statement should have two elements: 1) a limited topic (centered on one focused aspect of the work) 2) an arguable central idea (a strong point/argument that demands proof) Your thesis should be supported by three or four main points and several quotations from the novel (the “primary source”) and the “secondary sources.”4) Consider which four to six “secondary sources” you will use. You must quote and cite all of your sources in FINAL DRAFT (see MLA guidelines, PVCC Library).5) See sample student term paper draft on Canvas in Assignments.6) Brainstorm/write ROUGH DRAFT. Incorporate your research into your rough as much as possible.Mon Nov. 30.-Wed Dec. 2: PEER REVIEW rough drafts using a peer review sheet that you must include with your FINAL DRAFT. Friday Dec. 4: REVISED DRAFT of 7-8 pgs DUE. Will be submitted in Assignments on Canvas. I will make comments on it and give it a “ghost grade” (the grade it would get if turned in at that point) with revision suggestions.Mon. Dec. 14: FINAL DRAFT DUE, submitted in Assignments on Canvas.RESEARCH/SOURCES: You must find and cite 4-6 “secondary sources” NO web-pages, which are often unedited, unreliable sources. However, articles from DATABASES such as Literature Resource Center, Literature Criticism Online, and MLA Bibliography ARE essential resources for finding legitimate sources–published/edited articles.For this paper, legitimate secondary sources are:–a critical biography (book-length) of the author & his/her writing.–an article about the novel from a PVCC database.–a book of criticism/collection of essays about the author/mentioning the novel.–anything else that is published/edited and that pertains to your paper.WORKS CITED PAGE: Your “Works Cited” page must include: 1) primary source (the novel) 2) 4-6 secondary sources (your criticism about/related to the novel). 3) pdf copies or links of all secondary sources attached to “Works Cited Page” on your FINAL DRAFT.