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The study is all about the life satisfaction, self esteem and stress. However, we have chosen three variables: gender, age in years and marital status of the participants for this analysis. The data on the three variables are collected from 439 participants selected randomly. Among the three variables, age is measured in years and continuous. The scale of measurement of age is ratio. The variables gender and marital status are qualitative. The scale of measurement of gender and marital status are nominal.q

Since the variable gender is a qualitative and nominal variable, we create a pie chart of the variable and present this in Fig1. The pie chart indicates that among the participants, females are more in number than males. Of the participants, 42.14% are males and 57.86% are females. Age in years is a continuous variable. We create a histogram for the variable age and present it in Fig 2. Age has a mean of 37.44 years with deviation of 13.202. The histogram suggests that age follows a positively skewed distribution as it has a long tail in right side.

Among the participants, in respect of marital status, there are eight categories of participants. The categories are: first time married, single, steady relationship, living with partner, remarried, divorced, separated and widowed. Among the categories, first time married are more in number followed by single status. They constitute almost 67% of the participants. Of them 43.05% are first time married, then 23.92% are single. Among the rest categories, 8.43% are in steady relationship and living with partner each, 6.83% are remarried, 5.47% are divorced, 2.28% are separated and lastly 1.59% are widowed.

Fig 1: Pie chart of gender

Fig 2: Histogram of age (in years)

Fig 3: Pie chart of marital status