The Research Proposal Project: ***I have already provided the outline of the pap

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowThe Research Proposal Project:***I have already provided the outline of the paper and the references. Please see attached and follow the outline. ***• The paper must be fourteen (14) to eighteen (18) double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages).In your paper:• Select an existing Human Services organization/agency program – This would be HELP USA• Compile a proposal that develops, evaluates or modifies the hypothetical implementation of this change in a real-world setting.• Describe in detail the process for determining the need for the new program, the evaluation, or the modification of this program.• Explain the proposed solution to the problem, gap, or need for this hypothetical proposal.• Select a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods design for the proposal.• Explain in detail as to why this methodology and design is most appropriate for the proposed change (i.e., develop, evaluate, or modify a program).• Create a hypothetical research proposal to a grant funding organization or an organization where the evaluation of programs is part of your job description.• Address the problem that was identified including the evidence that supports this problem.The Research Proposal Project will be broken down into the following sections and sub-sections:• Introduction and Background• o Statement of the problem• o Significance of the problem• o Populations served• o Proposed solution• o Research questions• Methodology• o Conceptual framework• o Method• o Design• o Rationale• o Planning strategy• o Ethical Considerations and Concerns• Management Plan• o Proposed timeline• o Feasibility• o Anticipated challenges• ConclusionReferences1) Blank, R. M. (2007). Improving the Safety Net for Single Mothers Who Face Serious Barriers to Work. The Future of Children, 17(2), 183–197.2) Brown, M., Mihelicova, M., Collins, K., & Ponce, A. (2019). Predictors of employment outcomes in a comprehensive service program for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 89(2), 279–286. Bruckman, M. E. (2018). Experiences of Low-Income Single Mothers in Selecting Early Child Care. Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research, 12(4), 233–243.4) de Vet, R., Beijersbergen, M. D., Lako, D. A. M., van Hemert, A. M., Herman, D. B., & Wolf, J. R. L. M. (2019). Differences between homeless women and men before and after the transition from shelter to community living: A longitudinal analysis. Health & Social Care in the Community, 27(5), 1193–1203. Fleury MJ, Grenier G, Sabetti J, Bertrand K, Clément M, Brochu S. (2021). Met and unmet needs of homeless individuals at different stages of housing reintegration: A mixed-method investigation. PLoS One, 16(1):e0245088. Fleury, M.-J., Grenier, G., Cao, Z., & Meng, X. (2021). Typology of Currently or Formerly Homeless Individuals Based on Their Use of Health and Social Services. Community Mental Health Journal, 57(5), 948–959. Fraenkel, P. (2020). Time as a source of struggle and resilience in homeless families. Time & Society, 29(2), 581–603. GOLABEK-GOLDMAN, S. (2017). Ban the Address: Combating Employment Discrimination Against the Homeless. Yale Law Journal, 126(6), 1788–1868.9) Groton, D. B., Gromer, J. M., Mennicke, A. M., Lee, J., Gul, M., Dupree, E. M., & Munn, J. (2017). “Give Us a Chanceâ€Â: Understanding Job Seeking Among Women Experiencing Homelessness. Journal of Employment Counseling, 54(3), 115–131. HELP USA. (2022). About Us | HELP USA. HELP USA. Retrieved 9 May 2022, from Kaur, H., Saad, A., Magwood, O., Alkhateeb, Q., Mathew, C., Khalaf, G., & Pottie, K. (2021). Understanding the health and housing experiences of refugees and other migrant populations experiencing homelessness or vulnerable housing: a systematic review using GRADE-CERQual. CMAJ Open, 9(2), E681–E692. Lee, Y. (2019). Variations in Volunteer Use among Human Service Organizations in the USA. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary & Nonprofit Organizations, 30(1), 208–221. Leedy, P. D. & Ormrod, J. E. (2015). Practical research: Planning and design (11th ed.). Pearson.14) OCHOA, A., & DECKARD, R. (2020). Finding and keeping a job: Advice from formerly incarcerated employees. Corrections Today, 82(5), 38–43.15) Richard, J. Y., & Lee, H.-S. (2019). A qualitative study of racial minority single mothers’ work experiences. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 66(2), 143–157. Trollinger, A. (2019). Revealing the “Social Consequences of Unemploymentâ€Â: The Settlement Campaign for the Unemployed on the Eve of Depression. Journal of Social History, 52(4), 1250–1280. This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated