The paper should be at least 12 pages in length, double-spaced with 1” margins o

The paper should be at least 12 pages in length,
double-spaced with 1” margins on all
sides; At least 10 references from related journals
and books. Required page length
includes references but does not include appendices,
e.g., questionnaire surveys.
This is an independent project for students to show
their demonstrated learning.
Program Evaluation Report — Content Outline Guide
a. Title page (with a project title and author name)
b. Table of Content
c. Brief background on the organization and the
program (2-3 pages)
d. Basic information about the organization and the
Purpose and/or rationale of the evaluation
•Evaluation question(s)
• Stakeholders of the program
• Audiences of the program evaluation
e. Evaluation Design (2 -3 pages)
• Evaluation questions: I am
a part of an HR centralized team (HRC) for Amazon that has gone through a
recent reorganization and combined teams with another existing HRC team working
similar processes. The combined team is now named the PIE (Process Innovation
and Expansion Team) we collaborate across 14 businesses to provide
comprehensive solutions to identify pain points and under-developed centralized
services. The purpose of my final evaluation project is to measure and evaluate
the current spans of control (SOC) and organizational redesign work streams
that focus on all aspects of managing the changes effectively in combining
these two teams. The retention and engagement work will be measured using a
Type II control group an evaluation will use level II (learning) & III (behavior)
of Kirkpatrick’s taxonomy.
The evaluation questions I seek to answer with this final
project are as follows:
1. What is known about the existing HRC
department processes?
2. What are the delivery methods of the current
and new training models?
3. What Amazon businesses are currently
4. How are team members supported during the
reorganization transition?
5. What are the future plans/goals of the
combined teams?
6. What are the team performance expectations?
7. Will the 2022 roadmaps (timeline) and budget
for the measured reorganization be met by end of year?
• Data collection methods and procedures
• Variables or measures of success
• Instruments for data collection
• Sampling procedures
• Data analysis procedures and statistics
e. Results (3-5 pages)
• Description of sample
• Results of data analysis
f. Discussions, Recommendations, and Implications (1-2
g. Appendices if applicable