The Institute for Social Research (Frankfurt School) Critique of capitalism

The Institute for Social Research (Frankfurt School) Critique of capitalism; Frankfurt School rejected the economic determinism of Marxism Critique of enlightenment thought as dominance of instrumental reasoning and objectification; Order similar from  quantification limits knowledge to unreflective sources Developed Critical Theory; a dialectical theory which views society as the product of the interrelationships among its cultural, ideological, and eco­nomic aspects Order similar from   Coined the term culture industry to describe the combination of popular forms of mass culture, media, and advertising to create a “totally administered society” that leaves individuals little room for critical thought Order similar from  The Institute for Social Research (Frankfurt School) Critiques of Frankfurt School: Narrow conception of role of mass culture in society Overestimation of culture industry to administer society in support of capitalism Underestimation of people to critically interpret meaning Order similar from