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Search forquantitative,qualitative, andmixed methods research articles frompeer-reviewed journals on your topic of interest.

Topic Choice: The impact of law retention of non-profit organizations

Before you read the full article and begin your annotation, locate the methodology section in the article to be sure that it describes the appropriate research design.

Forquantitativeresearch articles,confirm that a quantitative research design, such as a quasi-experimental, casual comparative, correlational, pretest–posttest, or true experimental, was used in the study.

Forqualitative research articles, confirm that a qualitative research design or approach, such as narrative, ethnographic, grounded theory, case study, or phenomenology, was used in the study.

Formixed methods research articles, confirm that a mixed methods research (MMR) design was used in the study. There are several design classifications in MMR; some examples of MMR types or families of design are parallel, concurrent, sequential, multilevel, or fully integrated mixed methods design.

Prepare an annotated bibliography that includes the following:

A one-paragraph introduction that provides context for why you selected the six research articles you did: two quantitative, two qualitative, and two MMR.

A reference list entry in APA Style for each of the six articles that follows properformatting. Follow each reference list entry with a three-paragraph annotation that includes:

Anapplication as illustrated in thisexample



A one-paragraph conclusion that presents asynthesis of the six articles.

Format your annotated bibliography in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. A separate References list page is not neede