The final project includes the application of fundamentals learned in the course

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowThe final project includes the application of fundamentals learned in the course regarding diversity and inclusion. Your task is to develop the mission, vision, and values for the Diversity plan of the organization. In addition, you are responsible for developing measurable metrics to evaluate whether the plan met its goals.XYZ Municipality’s Diversity/Inclusion PlanIn order to develop XYZ Municipality’s Mission and Vision, senior staff are committed to actively fostering diversity, inclusion and cultural competency throughout our programmatic, research, development, and operational efforts of the municipality.Goal 1: Build XYZ organization’s capability to execute the long-range inclusionplan◼ Create a Diversity/Inclusion Standing Committee◼ Create and lead diversity cross-divisional implementation team◼ Increase diversity of staff and volunteer population◼ Assess the level of intercultural competency of staff and volunteers, anddesign tools to increase and develop the competency◼ Evaluate our diversity/inclusion initiative activitiesGoal 2: Increase the number of taxpayers people from diverse andunderserved populations using our supportive services and◼ Develop appropriate current and proposed tools to provide information◼ Develop education and program initiatives regarding diversity and inclusionfor TaxpayersGoal 3: Design a research agenda focused on diverse population groupsto advance our enhance our ability to assist diverse populations◼ Create the divisional infrastructure to provide oversight and directionto research agenda◼ Form a Cultural Diversity Research Work Group to develop a set of researchquestions◼ Create a request for application process to attract research proposals◼ Create and implement a plan to translate and disseminate researchinformationGoal 4: Support increasing revenues for ethnic and minority businesses,organizations, foundations and individuals with diversebackgrounds, perspectives and experiences.◼ Design and implement methods to help small businesses receive seedcapital.Goal 5: Increase awareness; build mutually rewarding relationships and fostercollaboration with a broad range of business, community, and foundationleaders and other individuals from diverse backgrounds, perspectives andexperiences.Goal 6: Promote the increase of diversity/inclusion in othermunicipalities across Florida◼ Collaborate with and support other public sector organizations that areaddressing diversity and related workforce issues.Goal 7:◼ Develop and implement education and program initiatives for professionalsFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated