The Cost of Credit – researching a loan

In this assignment, you will conduct research to find the best loan for your first car. Using referencematerials and Internet sites, you will collect information for a used car and loan options to buy the car.You will use an online loan calculator to find the best option for a used car loan. You will do a multimediapresentation on the best loan option for a used car and the resources you used, along with the optionsyou explored to decide on the best loan option. A list of search term suggestions for finding resources isprovided at the end of this guide.Your presentation should include the following slides. The slides should be a title slide, a slide containingyour used car information, a slide containing information on loan options with a bank and with a creditunion, a slide including calculations, a slide comparing the loan options, a slide with the best choice for acar loan, and a works-cited slide. 

The slides are 8 total, including the title and the cited sources. See instructions.