the American Museum of Natural History

19Jan 2022 by

1. Visit
    This is the website of the American Museum of Natural History
    (Central Park West between 77th and 81st Streets in Manhattan)
2. Navigate around the website (which changes frequently) until
    you find “Exhibitions”. Click on “Exhibitions”
3. Navigate around until you find “Permanent Exhibitions”
    a. Find “Human Origins and Cultural Halls”. Choose one cultural hall
        to read about and report on. You might find one with too little
        information, so, check another.
    b. Sometimes you can find additional information about the cultural
        hall’s inventory of artifacts.
4. Navigate back to “Exhibitions” and navigate around until you find 
    “Past Exhibitions”.
5. Find the exhibition on Cuba. Click on that exhibition.
    a. There is material on both the environment and culture of Cuba.
        You have to scroll through the pictures to see that there are
        cultural photos as well as environmental
    b. Choose a few cultural photos and one or two environmental
        photos to report on. 
    c. How much information to do? Refer to the outline of the report,
       and you will see that the Results section should be two pages
       (double-spaced) in length, one page from the Permanent Exhibitions 
       and one page from the Cuba! exhibition