Term projectStatistics 100A, Fall 2015Interim report due November 2, 2015Final report due December 4, 2015The data set tree failure contains information on failures in Quercus lobata also calledValley oak.The data set contains the following variables:failtype: type of failure (branch, trunk or root failure)variables related to trunk failure:tfailheight : height of trunk at which failure occurredtbreakdia: diameter of the trunk at which failure occurredfportiondead: whether or not the failed portion of the tree is dead (y/n for yes/no)decay: whether or not there is decay (y/n)lean: whether or not the tree has an uncorrected lean (y/n)cracks: whether or not there are cracks in the trunk (y/n)mechanical: whether or not there is mechanical injury to the trunk (y/n)animal: whether or not there is animal injury to the trunk (y/n)insect: whether or not there is insect injury to the trunk (y/n)variables related to branch failure:cleaned: whether or not the canopy has been cleaned (y/n)thinning: whether or not there has been thining of branches (y/n)variables related to root failure:moisture: the moisture condition of the root at the time of failureirrigation: irrigation of the treegeneral variables related to the treesage: age of treeheight: height of treedbh: diameter of tree at base heightwindspeed: wind speed at time of failuretemperature: temperature at time of failureprecipitation: precipitation at time of failurecleanup: cost of the clean up after failureInterim report: provide a description of all variables; if the variable is continuous youshould obtain mean and standard deviation and five number summaries. For qualitativevariables you should provide frequency tables. The interim report should be about 2pages, single spaced or 1.5 line spacing. Do not use double spacing. The report is dueon November 2. No late report will be accepted.Final project: it is due on December 4, no late projects accepted. Answer the followingquestions:• Is there an association between age, height or dhb and type of failure?• Does wind speed make any difference in the type of failure?• Does precipitation make any difference in the type of failure?• Is temperature related to type of failure?• Which type of failure had the costliest clean up?• Describe moisture conditions at time of root failure. Did more trees experienceroot failure when it was dry or after rain, when the ground was wet?• For branch failures was it more or less likely that the tree had been thinned orcleaned?• Provide information on the height and diameter at which the trunk failureoccurred in the trees that experienced a trunk failure.• Did a majority of trees have mechanical, insect or animal injury that experienceda trunk failure?• What other conditions were notable in the trunk failures such as cracks, lean ordecay? What about the crown, was it dense?• For trunk failures is there an association between decay and whether or thefailed portion is dead?• For branch failure is there an association between cleaned and thinning?• For root failures, is there an association between the moisture condition andprecipitation?You can answer these questions in the order you wish but it should be coherent. Yourfinal report should not exceed 5 pages, not counting graphs and other materials that youmay add as an appendix. Major graphs and tables should be in the report, however,there should not be more than 2 or 3 tables at most and graphs should be included ifthey serve to make a point. The report should contain the following sections:a. Summary a brief overviewb. Introduction motivation of the analysisc. Methods the statistical methods usedd. Results your findings, this is the main part of the reporte. Conclusionf. Appendix as neededYou can work in groups of up to three people or you can work alone. If you work as agroup, you will submit only one report. The groups have to be determined by the time ofthe interim report. There will be no exception to the limit of three people per project andno changes after November 2.

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