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Talleres Auto Talleres Auto (TA) is an SME based in Barcelona. TA attends to broken-down vehicles, providing a roadside repair and recovery service. Two of the parts that TA frequently uses are starters and alternators, which were obtained from a local distributor. In turn, the local distributor ordered parts from a prime distributor. Starters and alternators were obtained from a remanufacturer, who replaced the windings and tested the products using parts bought from a component supplier. A diagram of this part of the supply chain is shown in Figure 1.12.  Most of TA’s customers made ‘distress purchases’ – their car had broken down and they wanted it to be fixed quickly. So TA needed a fast replacement service from the local distributor. While the distributors both recognised the need for fast replacements, the performance of the purchasing department at the remanufacturer was measured on cost savings. Thus the component supplier thought that the name of the game was low cost. Questions. 1. What were the order winners and order qualifiers at TA? 2. What were the order winners and order qualifiers at the component supplier?  3. What impact on customer service was this mismatch likely to cause?