1.    Providean introduction and/or description for the survey at the beginning of thesurvey
2.    Includethe following under survey comments page:
1.    Includethe main research question (see below)
2.    Whatquestion is measuring the dependent variable (see below)
3.    Whatquestion is measuring the main independent variable (see below)
3.    Surveyshould have not more than 10 questions
4.    Thesurvey must also include at least 2 open-ended questions where participantsprovide their opinions. These questions need to be related to your topic andhypothesis
5.    Numberand order each question. Recommend no more than 10 questions. Make sure to havethe responses separated and code them. This will help you in creating yourcodebook and data entry in Excel. For example:
1.    Q1.Gender
1.    Male
2.    Female

Research questions:
Does receivingthe COVID-19 vaccine prevent deaths from the virus or critical illness? It ismy belief that the vaccine has proven beneficial to the vulnerability of thepopulation we serve. In early 2020, many residents living in long-term care facilitiesbecame critically ill, leading up to death. Once the vaccines were madeavailable and our residents received them, we encountered employees beingdiagnosed with COVID-19 and spreading the virus to residents and otheremployees. Those that were fully vaccinated had little to no symptoms and wedid not encounter any deaths. It will be interesting to see the results of myresearch based on scientific evidence. The aim of the study I havechosen is to support the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly,Moderna. The type of study design uses in this article is a crossover trial. Ilearned that the investigators identified no safety concerns and no evidence ofvaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (Peer-reviewed report onModerna COVID-19 vaccine publishes, 2021) from the use of the Moderna vaccine.This study does support the efficacy of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
My variables: The main independent variable: How does receiving the COVID-19vaccine dependent variable impact residents and employees in long-term carefacilities that have been exposed to COVID-19 or contracted the virus?
My choice of statistical test: Independent t-test Dependentvariable: Continuous Independent variable: Binary (Group) Use: A t-test is usedto compare the means of two independent groups.