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1. Qualitative research is subjective in the sense that the results are researcher-dependent.

2. Quantitative research is especially useful when it is difficult to develop specific and actionable decision statements or research objectives.

3. Quantitative research address research objectives through empirical assessments that involve numerical measurement and analytical approaches.

4. Qualitative research is objective.

5. Qualitative research is cheaper than quantitative research.

6. Most exploratory research designs produce qualitative data.

7. Probing is an interview technique that tries to draw deeper and more elaborate explanations from the discussion.

8. Concept testing is a type of exploratory research.

9. Phenomenology represents a philosophical approach to studying human experiences based on the idea that human experience itself is inherently subjective and determined by the context in which people live.

10. Studying cultures using methods that involve becoming highly active within that culture is called phenomenology.


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