students’ perspectives of its current course management system – Hire Academic Expert

Writing survey questions/comparing analyses Your school would like to assess students’ perspectives of its current course management system. Your instructor has assigned your business communication class to survey students about their likes and dislikes, as well as recommend possible changes to the system. In small teams, create a survey questionnaire that includes a variety of question types, including at least one qualitative (open-ended) question. Before creating a final draft and collecting data, test your survey with other members of your class to ensure the questions are worded effectively. Each member of your team should collect at least 10 survey responses from students around campus. Be sure not to survey students enrolled in your business communication class or students who have answered a similar questionnaire from other business communication students. Have each team member analyze the data he or she received and report the range, median, mean, and mode for quantitative responses. Summarize the qualitative responses, indicating any commonalities among responses. In a team meeting, compare your individual findings. Discuss how the qualitative responses were analyzed. Then combine the data from all team members and summarize your findings in a report to your school administration.

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