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Student Assessment Tasks – Cover Sheet

Student Name Student ID Number Unit Start Date Unit End Date Assessment Due Date Date Submitted

This cover sheet is to be completed by the student and assessor and used as a record to determine student competency in this assessment task

The assessment process and tasks were fully explained.

Yes / No

I am aware of which evidence will be collected and how.

Yes / No

I am aware of my right to appeal an assessment decision.

Yes / No

I am aware that I can locate the AIM Institute of Health and Sciences (AIMIHS) Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure on their website at (

Yes / No

I have discussed any additional educational support or reasonable adjustments I require in order to undertake this assessment with the Student Support Services Officer and Trainer / Assessor, (if applicable). e.g. Student Handbook and Access and Equity Policy (

Yes / No

I have access to all required resources?

Yes / No

Cheating & Plagiarism Declaration

Student Declaration: In accordance with the AIMIHS Plagiarism Policy, I hereby acknowledge by signing this declaration that I have not cheated or plagiarised any work regarding the assessment tasks undertaken in this unit of competency except where the work has been correctly acknowledged.

NOTE: Student must sign this prior to submitting their assessments to the assessor

Signature Date:

______ / ______ / 20______