Strategic Plan Build

19Jan 2022 by

It is important to ensure that students have a base level of understanding of the components of a strategic plan. In order to achieve a rapid understanding of these components, each of you will contribute to the building of a comprehensive class-compiled strategic planning document. The purpose of this assignment is to 1) build a comprehensive strategic plan glossary, and 2) provide a deeper comprehension of the process behind crafting and executing a strategy. 
For this activity, select one step or element in the strategic planning process. Select your step or element and respond to the applicable discussion forum post with it in the subject line.  No duplicates among classmates.  You will research that one element using at least two resources and submit a summarized description of that element.  Examples of choice could be a mission statement, ‘P’ in the acronym PESTEL (Political-Economic-Socio-Technological-Environmental-Legal), or a tool used in the internal analysis process. The description is limited to 150 – 200 words. You may use an academic journal, a chapter of a textbook, or a description from a business organization’s website. Any resources used by you should be added in alphabetical order and APA referenced at the end of the class-wide document.