Strategic Management for Sustainable Leadership – Hire Academic Expert

Assignment Task

You must choose one company from the official list of companies provided for your help for this semester. Explain how successful you think that company is, and discuss the strategic reasons behind that success.

Your explanation will include an analysis of the contribution made by the leadership of the company and will go on to suggest strategies and/or actions for ensuring future success in a sustainable manner.

Further guidance, including examples of marker feedback (shown in Lecture 8) and Revision Audio-Visual Presentations will appear on the eLP.

  • The assignment should be written in Arial, 11pt, left-justified, 1½ spacing.
  • DO NOT put Your Name anywhere on your assignment.

Every page should be numbered and show your student ID.

  • DESIRABLE – Please leave approximately 5cm of ‘white space’ at the end of each section. This is the space for your marker to write feedback comments about the preceding section. Please note that we may not use all of the 5 cms – it depends on what type of feedback we think is needed for each answer. If you do not leave space; we will be forced to leave a marker icon, and list the feedback comments at the end of the document.
  • All academic and other sources must be cited and included ONCE in a single reference list at the end of the document. Do not cite Northumbria Lectures, Seminars, or Workshops.
  • The VRIN Summary Table is usually shown in journals and textbooks with ticks and crosses. We require you to use the letter “Y” for “Yes” and the letter “N” for “No”.

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