Strategic Management

As you enter a fine dining establishment in Midland, you chance to meet a friend of yours who invites you to join their table, and you accept. It turns out one of the guests is the regional manager for a major tobacco company. The company is in the process of an important acquisition of two other companies – a snack food distributorship and a new marijuana producing company (it is legal in some states). The discussion drifts to your plans upon graduation from UTPB with a new MBA degree. The manager is impressed with your education and would like you to apply to the company for a new executive level position based on some of your skills. You have reason to believe it will likely have a salary about double that of another position you are considering. On the other hand you are concerned  about promoting products that are unhealthy such as cigarettes, junk food, and marijuana. As you ponder the dinner discussion, you realize the manager was sincere in the offer and you wonder what you should do.

Explain why you would or would not interview for the position.
Explain why you would or would not accept the position if offered.
In what way does this question relate to this course, if any way at all?