Status Quo II

The final paper will be between 6   pages with 10 scholarly articles. This does not include the page,   abstract or the reference page in APA format and writing.

1. Follow the detailed outline that   you submitted. Your detailed outline is to help you write the paper and to   ensure all references are used. It is not included in the paper.
2. Make sure that your abstract is on   a separate page immediately following the page. The heading is Abstract   not the of the paper. If you do not understand what is to be included   in an abstract read the abstracts from the articles you selected.

3.   Utilize the APA Helps as necessary in the Resources area to help you present   your research paper in APA format, which means that you need to write a   Page, Abstract Page and References Page separate from the body of the text of   the paper. Avoid unsupported statements whenever possible. In many cases, you   will write a paragraph of text and insert a citation only once. When you use   a direct quote, include the page number of the source, too. Some may ask why   APA is so important. APA is the mode of communication of the written word in   the research field. It is the due diligence of graduate management students   to excel at APA.
5. Please remember this is an academic   paper and 3rd person is required.