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Question-1 : Why is it important to perform stakeholder analysis? What steps should you take in stakeholder analysis? Why is it important to understand stakeholder roles? (1-1.5 pages)

question-2 : (This question is a part of the research paper about RFID technology that you choose last week). Complete the attached Scope Statement template. there is also a completed sample of scope statement template for your help in the attached file. Remember, this is about your selected project (RFID technology in retailing industry). It is not a quiz about what these elements are. Use this form as the first step in your project planning. Some things to keep in mind:

Deliverables are things – they are expressed as nouns
Constraints limit your ability to plan
Assumptions are expresseions of items, resources, materials, etc. that will be either provided to you outside your need to plan or purchase. They can also be expressions of the choices made by stakeholders (such as a particular version of software, etc).

question-3 :business case research paper: A Business Case Definition: Documentation detailing the requirements to move an idea from conceptualization to project initiation.

For this assignment, I want you to compare and contrast a Business Case and a Business Plan. Include definitions and applications. Also please explore business case templates. The above definition of a business case is mine, if you would like to offer a different definition as part of your assignment, please do so, but of course you will defend it therein. business case template link:. . Please review other web sites of relevance and indicate those you use.

Please make sure that you use the correct APA format. Please reference the rubric in the rubrics/criteria section for grading expectations.

Note: as professor recommended, one page on business case, one page on business plan , other pages compare and contrast those two and discuss about the business case template and how it is associated with the (technological and/or business drivers) problem that you selected for your Business Case Research paper