The Best WritersProject 2Finding Ethnicity in Everyday “Constructions Sites”Ethnic identity is a consciousness of shared ancestry and heritage. It is referenced to nationality, religion, and race. Keep in mind that “new ethnicities” emerge like Latino, West Indian or Caribbean, white, and Asian.As Cornell and Hartmann point out, ethnicity is constructed in specific social sites. The first paper revolved around conceptual definitions of ethnicity and race. This project is intended to find ethnicity (and race) in the most immediate social relationships family, neighborhood, peer group, and dating/marriage scenes. These social spaces provide the individual with a primary emotional connection and social grounding, including connections that have practical consequences (i.e., promote material interests).Examine the following social contexts in order to find ethnicity:· The nuclear family and relatives (e.g., grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins) · Friends and the peer group· Dating and marriage partners· The neighborhood community1. What do Cornell and Hartmann mean by the social construction of ethnicity? 2. How is ethnicity constructed in these social sites? Consider the role of ethnicity a) as a credential of affiliation or social boundary; b) as a source of cultural content (i.e., a script reference to a heritage like a linguistic style or cuisine), and; c) claims of invidious status (i.e., that one group is “better” than or superior to another in things that matter). 3. How is ethnicity constructed when boundaries are crossed? For example, when dating or marrying across ethnic lines or when neighborhoods experience ethnic succession.4. Does boundary-crossing result in the construction of a “new ethnicity” (e.g., Latino, Caribbean, Desi) in any of these sites? What accounts for this ethnic identity change? How does this represent a change in ethnic identity from an older, (e.g., parents or grandparents) generation?Instructions: Times New Roman, front 12, About 4 pages, focus on answering the questions thoroughly as questions 2 and 4 have multiple parts to them. Use the “Discussion Project 2 notes” as reference and also any link that is provided there/ any outside source But make sure “Discussion Project 2 notes” is your primary source. Make sure to cite your evidence withQuotation marks EX- “the article stated jack never came back” followed by ( Reference here). Please make sure to read understand carefully, and understand the content and what is being asked.