Socrates Squad: What is Wisdom?

19Jan 2022 by

Socrates was a philosopher who lived in ancient Athens in the 5th century BCE. Socrates was known for annoying people in the Agora (marketplace) by asking questions. If someone claimed to be an expert on something, he would ask them to explain the basic ideas about which they were supposed to be an expert. This very often didn’t go to well for the expert he questioned. Especially the politicians. People tend to think they know things that, in fact, they actually do not know. The extent that people are willing to admit whenever they do not know something, is the extent of their wisdom.
To Socrates, wisdom is knowing that you do not know. This is how he defines wisdom.
Your challenge is to join the Socrates Squad and see if you can discover anyone you know that would be willing to discuss this definition of wisdom with you. You can speak to them in person, online, via text, via email, through social media (a post, video, direct message). Whatever format you want to discuss this is up to you. 
Write a report that explains, whom you discussed the definition with, what medium/format you used to have the discussion, and report what was said/written/expressed and ended up happening. Do not worry if the discussion fell flat or nothing much happened– just report that was what happened. Sum up your report with your sense of the meaning of Socrates’ definition of wisdom.