Should sports teams be able to practice during school hours?

Topic: Should sports teams be able to practice during school hours?Guidelines:The research paper must includeA properly formatted title pageAn organized introduction that grabs attention and presents an arguable thesisBody paragraphs that support your position on your issue. ALL BODY PARAGRAPHS MUST USE EVIDENCE FROM RESEARCH. The body of your paper will be broken into 3 sections:1) An explanation of the history of your topic and why it’s controversial (at least one paragraph)2) At least two reasons explaining which side of the issue you support and why you support it (at least two paragraphs)3) A counterargument and refutation that effectively proves why your view on the issue is the correct one (at least one paragraph)A conclusion that reviews your points and leaves the audience with a lasting impression.Proper citations that connect to a correctly formatted works cited pageRequirements:The final draft of the paper will be at least 3 full pages in length – this refers to your writing only and does not include the title page and works cited page.You must utilize a minimum of three sources for your paper.Since you will be using Google Docs for this project, the final draft of your paper must be typed and double-spaced, using twelve-point font and one-inch margins.You will be expected to follow the rules for avoiding plagiarism and proper documentation of research – papers that do not do this will be subject to automatic failure.