Short Essay 2 Prompt Reflection on the Class

You now have a more sophisticated understanding of philosophical theories and applications than most people ever will. The purpose of this essay is to create a space for students to reflect upon and recap what they have learned in this course. This last short essay informal assignment; think of it as a “letter to the professor” recapping what felt eye-opening in the readings.
Write on your choice of a few (2-4) key topics from the readings that felt eye-opening or altered your perspective. Example questions you might answer: What theories or ideas felt most foreign or surprising to you? How does it feel when you are about to change your mind about a moral idea (anxious, mad, excited, frustrating)? What was it about that controversy or theory that challenged you? How does this theorist’s view change the way you view your own views?
Write your answer in approximately 400–600 words, and you do not need to cite unless you are using a quote from a source.