Security Management for the Built Environment – Hire Academic Expert

Question 1

You are a manager in the Facilities Management department of your company. You have also been assigned the role of security manager while the full-time manager is on special leave. Your supervisor, the Director of Operations, thinks this is a good opportunity to train all the facilities management staff in key elements of security. As such you will prepare the training program and include the elements listed below.

Your company has 300 personnel, and you are based in (choose one location): Singapore; Kuala Lumpur; Johor Bahru; or Jakarta. If you wish to choose another location, contact your instructor to have your option approved.

Up to TEN (10) marks will be awarded for the structure and organization of your report. Your answer should be formatted as a professional report directed to the Director of Operations and should include an introduction and conclusion. Appropriate presentation of your training program and the use of academic conventions such as referencing, and bibliography constitute part of the TEN (10) marks awarded.

The report should include:

(a) Recommend a training plan on elements of security you think are important to your Facilities Management team. You will have two x two-hour sessions for classroom work. You can also include drills and exercises over a two-week period. Provide an outline of what will be included in the classroom sessions, and the drills and exercises you will include. Ensure you provide justification for the inclusion of these elements.

(b) Appraise the importance of the security risk assessment.

(c) Explain the process, ensuring the students understand key terminology as well as the process.

(d) Describe layered security providing an outline of the specialized areas you may need to address, and the security measures you may want to include at each layer and why.

(e) Identify THREE (3) emerging threats for your location. Justify your choices.

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