Section 4 Wikipedia Research Articles

For this section, I’d like you to find two Wikipedia articles of your choosing that are connected to the readings. One Wikipedia article should directly connect to the below reading:

– OpenStax US History CHAPTER 8 Growing Pains: The New Republic, 17901820. (

– Slave Badge (

The second Wikipedia article should directly connect to the below source:

– Becoming America (2020) (

For the assignment, write at least two paragraphs (10 or more sentences) about each of your Wikipedia article topics for a total of 20 or more sentences. In your writing, you should discuss how the topics are connected to the readings, and why they are important or interesting to you that you decided to write about them. Use in-text citations to the readings and be clear what the connection is.

It will be graded “Complete” for full marks, or “Incomplete” if no post is made or the post does not fulfill the requirements.

To earn a “Complete:”

– links to the two Wikipedia article should be included.

– the overall post should be at least four paragraphs (20 or more sentences), with half dedicated to each Wikipedia article.

– the overall post should discuss the topic you chose, how you argue it is connected with the readings, and why it is important or interesting to you that you decided to write about them. This is an open-ended assignment, so I am looking at your reasoning and sourcing in your own words. Simply copying and pasting large excerpts from Wikipedia will not fulfill the requirements.

– the post should reference the readings in this section with in-text citations. See the “Citation Example for Writing Assignments” page at the end of this section for more information and examples.

An “Incomplete” will be earned if most of the above requirements are not fulfilled.

Below is an example post for you to emulate. If you have any questions, please reach out.


“I thought the article on the caravel, a small ship, was really interesting and certainly related to exploration that was discussed in the War in World History reading. Here is a link to the article. (Links to an external site.)

The Caravel allowed Europeans explorers and traders to make extended contact with Asia, Africa and the Americas, initiated the beginning of a truly globalized world. This connects with the material in the chapters we read (War in World History, p. 57). It is interesting that the ship itself is the result of centuries of design and existing technologies from other regions of the world, and, to a certain extent, the availability of good maps. It is not just a product of available technology, but a product of the times and of the applied knowledge. Of course, there were many mixed and outright negative impacts as I suspect you will read about in the first several chapters of the textbook. History is not simply an ongoing record of progress; in the same era of invention, you have the the sinister invention of racial slavery, for example.”


“I thought the article on the Hotak Dynasty really illustrated the impact on gunpowder, which we studied earlier in Section 1, on world history. (Links to an external site.)

The Hotak Dynasty shows the legacy of world history upon Afghanistan. This connects with podcast, which discusses Afghan history during 1500 at one point (Afghanistan podcast). It is interesting because the dynasty … you should get the idea by this point but if you still have questions, just reach out!”