Second Major Work Assignment

Major Work Assignment: Comic Counseling #2 (Paired Comparison Matrix)


Goal: identifying and resolving strategic management issues illustrated in the Dilbert comic series.


Pick a Dilbert comic strip from those provided (54 in all).  Deck of available Dilbert Cartoons: Comics for Comic Counseling.pdf

If you have already done one of the Comic Counseling assignments, pick another comic strip for this one. The strip should have a different strategic management principle as the issue.

Do some research on Dilbert ( and the various characters so you are aware of what is going on in the strip.

In doing this analysis, you will “counsel” the affected characters in the strip and what to do and not do concerning the situation in the strip.

Research: you are to do research in business related publications concerning the issues presented in the strip and find references from the text concerning the issues.

Paired Comparison Analysis – different deliverable than other two Comic Counseling assignments. See instructions below.


Presentation Deck (summarize findings):

Introduction & Overview

Copy of the cartoon

Define the management problem(s) and issue(s) presented by the strip.

Summarize 3 possible solutions for the characters in the strip. Why is each likely to work or not work. (Utilize the text and your research to support the solutions.)

Select and defend one of the solutions as your recommended solution.


Cite references (at least seven).