Risks of Inequality

Risks of Inequality: Inequality puts the benefits of globalization at risk Unskilled laborers in rich cities receive higher incomes and are better off than their counterparts in the world’s poorer regions  Reduced alliance of the global working class; rise of Anonymous, the Occupy movement, etc.  Order similar from  Concern about the opacity of global institutions and negative consequences of the systemic failure of globalization to deliver jobs and a sustainable environment Order similar from  Unequal Opportunities, Migration, and Right-Wing Crimes: Migration constitutes a potential solution to global inequalities; threatens stability and has political consequences Global financial crisis (2008) and climate change; Order similar from   what’s good globally may conflict with a nation’s interests Temptation to put democratic values aside; radicalized politics The relationship between declining economic conditions and white-collar crime Immigration scepticism and radicalization Order similar from