rights to the city

Right to the City Paper Outline
I. Introduction
a. Introduce issue/NGO/social movement. Include anecdote or significant statistics to draw in reader
b. Articulate your thesis (bold your thesis). 
II. Describe the organization/social movement in context to the city
a. What is the extent of the issue?
b. What is the organization or social movement? 
c. Include outside sources and/or course readings
III. Relate the organization/social movement to concepts of the Right to the City and urban social movements
a. What are they trying to challenge or make claims to?
b. What role does collective consumption play?
c. What are the distinct spatial characteristics?
d. What identities and alternative knowledge is being created? 
e. What frameworks are they creating to solve solutions?
f. Include outside sources and/or course readings
IV. Social Change
a. Is the organization/social movement trying to reform or transform the city?
b. How successful do you think they will be? What are their limitations and strengths?
c. Include outside sources and/or course readings
V. Conclusion
a. Restate the significance of the issue/organization/social movement
b. Restate your thesis.